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Articles used by Saibaba


Personal Things Used by Shri Shirdi Saibaba
Shri Ram, Sita & Lakshman
Shri Saibaba's Padukas
Shri Saibaba's Sataka
Tumblers used by Shri Saibaba
Grinding Stone used by Shri Saibaba
Chilums used by Shri Saibaba
Gramophone used by Shri Saibaba
Horse Ornaments at the time of Shri Saibaba
Saibaba Museum - Shirdi Sansthan
Museum Hall
A small museum of Sai Sansthan at Shirdi (housed in Samadhi temple) where an old portrait of Sai Baba and His modest possessions like a long robe - Kafani, begging bowls (tin pots), clay pipes - Chillum, sacred staff - Satka, leather slippers - Paduka are displayed.

Besides this there are few other silver articles which were in use in the Palki procession as well as formal worship of Baba in those days.
Baba's Paduka's (footer's)
Palki Procession
Articles related to Baba's life

Sai's name was given to him by Shri Malsapati. These were the coins given to him by Sai baba.

Blessed are the articles that were touched by Baba
Chahe Ram Kaho Chahe Shyam Kaho - Mera Sai sabhi mein samaaya

Om Shree Sainathaya Namah


Grinding mill and other articles used by Baba
Articles Personally Used By Shri Sai Baba Kept In Samadhi Mandir

There were 2 utensils , one small and one big-the former provided food for 50 and the latter for 100 people.

Cot where Baba's last bathing took
after his demise.

Pot in which Baba used to store water and even today pot full of water has been kept in Dwarakamayi
Baba lived in shirdi for almost for 60 years and used this grinding stone
every day, the two stones of his mill consisted of dharma and bhakti ,
the former being the lower and the later the upper one.
An earthen ware in which Baba used to beg and feed the animals and the birds.
Original Chimta