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Without Baba's help, could not have formed at all. Earlier it was called Sai Darbar orlando in 1999 - we had a website called

Sai Sharan was formed in September 2001 after meeting few Holy Gurus from different parts of
the World. We have been conducting several Shirdi Sai Utsavs beginning October 2003, every 6 months in Orlando, Florida.

Also been part of few other Utsavs in London and Chicago as well.

Our team is dedicated to help the poor and needy. In this context, we donated to Katrina and Tsunami as well and involved in helping in India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. We are still helping the Orphan Children in Sri Lanka. Our goal is to unite and develop peace among all humanity.

We have  been part of Hanuman Siddhi Mandali in Orlando for few years and conducted Gayathri Parivaar programmes in Orlando and at several places. We were part of Religious committee in the Tampa Hindu Temple Kumbhabhishekam. Sai Sharan is spread across the globe to work as One Single team. We are now more focussed on the Web and  also run Shirdibaba Sai Sharan yahoo group in the web.

Humble Volunteers of Sai Sharan Team

Sai Eshwari Dubagunta - saiers_1999@yahoo.com

Renuka has been managing Sai Sharan website for so many years. Also manages ShirdibabaSaisharan yahoo group as a moderator.
Now, she is starting Baba's Parayana for SAI SHARAN and she is highly devoted and dedicated in developing SAI SHARAN WEBSITE with up-to-date messages.

She is an outstanding SAI SHARAN TEAM player.

Sri - (Sridhar Rangaswamy)

Sri became a SaiBaba's Devotee in December 1994 in Bangalore through Baba' miracle and Baba's help. Till date, he strongly believes WITHOUT his help nothing would happen. He is a humble devotee and does great seva for community, Sai Sharan, in and around Orlando.

Sri Started Sai Sharan in 2001, and he is part of SAI DARBAR Orlando, Florida which was started in 1999 by Sai Banisa. Sri loves Lord Shirdi SAI BABA, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Aurobindo. Mother Teresa is his inspiration for social work and Abraham Lincoln for his great leadership qualities.