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Unnimaxx I Love Sai Baba and this site! Omsairam
Ruchira Padia

Sai Baba My Sole Inspiration

Shirdi Sai Baba has always inspired me. I have seen my cousin brother, aunty and uncle being staunch devotees of Baba and worshipping him everyday. Many miracles have occurred to them during their lifetime. I remember every evening I use to visit my aunt's place and she used to tell me stories of Baba which interested me greatly. I remember an incident when I became very sick and no remedies helped. That time I prayed to Baba to heal me. Baba came in my dream and told me I would start recovering from Thursday. Miraculously I started recovering on Thursday with Baba's grace and thus started believing in Sai Baba.

But in 2004 when my father became very ill and went into coma. Doctors gave up hope on him. Then my cousin spread Udhi on my father's body, and we all prayed to Baba, for his recovery. Miraculously after staying 16 hours on the ventilator he came back to life. I was ever thankful to Baba and my faith grew firm on him. Then my ailing father died in November 2005 and I went into deep depression. Then Sai Baba came in my dream and addressed me as his daughter and promised to save me from all calamities. His words came true. Till today Baba has protected me from every difficulty. I wanted to know more about Sai Baba and by his grace got a chance to visit Shirdi in 2007. I was overvelhmed to see Baba's statue at the Samadhi Mandir and tears rolled in my eyes. That time I bought a book Sri Sai Satcharita and wanted to read each story with devotion. But whenever I would sit to read the book , a thought came in my mind to edit the book so that I can read the book at ease. With SaiBaba's grace and inspiration I got the opportunity to do this sacred work, which I feel would not have been possible unless Baba wished it.

As I edited the Sai Satcharita, chapter by chapter I became more and more engrossed into it. I felt, I was with Baba every moment and Baba was with me all the time. It was the most precious and wonderful moment I have ever experienced, which cannot be described, one has to read Baba's Leelas (stories) to experience it for themselves.
It is my earnest effort that I would like to bring Sai Satcharita in the lives of all those who love Baba and want to know more about him.

According to the Satcharita if one reads this book with lot of love and devotion engrossing in Sai Baba's stories in a weeks time, all his desires will be fulfilled and he will attain self realization. The easiest path to attain salvation is to read the stories of Saints and meditate on them Sai Baba is a living Saint who is so kinds that his mere glance can destroy all our sins and his teachings with simple stories help us to attain salvation and free us from the cycle of birth and death. My effort to edit the Sai Satcharita with Baba's grace will help even a layman to understand his stories so that even a common man can reach his life's goal and be free from the mundane existence of this world.

I am a Dorje Reiki Practitioner. Just before I give healings to my patient I take the name of Sai Baba.In many cases Miracles have happened and my patients have got healed with the blessings of Baba. I give all the credit to Baba because without his intervention nothing is possible in my life.

Lastly I bow to Sai Baba and ask him to shower his divine blessings to all the living beings in this world so that we can have a better life here as well as attain freedom from the cycles of birth and death.

Baba is my Father and it is only because of him I am existing in this world. Amen!!

Sri Satchitanad SatGuru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Tagira Maria Köhler I Love Sai Baba de Shirdi !!!I Love India !!! Om Sai Ram Tagira Maria - Brazil
Ashok Makwana Sai baba !! you are great !! i filling your presense so many times
Sandeep kumar Sai baba is my Guru ji
PS Nathan: thank u sai natha for guiding my life
Preet: Baba..please help me...
Somu: Baba is Great, i got my lost friend Sridhar after 3 years
Vikram: Thank's for sending Baba Udi with ur blessing my career is on right track .thank baba for all ur love & effection
Santosh Family: belief is sai ram
Anamika & Sarvjeet: Baba u have given us ur love & pls be always with us also bless us for our happy married life
Gayathri: Baba ur always with me, thank u
Satheesh Jay: Hey very good site and neatly presented.
Pavan: om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai sainath maharaj ki jai
Kiran: Om SAI Namo Nama Shree SAI Namo
Sharma Family: Sai Sai Sai
All Bhagatji N Aahuja N Sharna Family: Sai Sai Sai
All Kumria's & Kumeria & Hardip Kambo Family:
Sai Sai Sai
Abhishek Bhagatji: Sai Sai Sai
Indu Bhagatji: Sai Sai Sai

Baba is the lord of the universe!!!!....he was kind enough to send sathya sai for our guidance!

Komal: i love u......baba u care 4 ur kids.baba fixed everything 2 every1
Manish: om sairam!!!
Lohit i Love u Baba,ur always there for me.
Lohit: Baba your my best friend

Sai Baba is great, Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

Piraba: baba will take care of us throught out our life
Ravi Patel: Saii.. Saii.. Saii.. Ram...
Vineetha Yatheesh: Baba, please ennodu karuna undavane. Pareekshikkaruthe
Lucky: Baba sabka bhala karenge
Kalyan: Baba, Bless me and everyone around
Renuka: Happy New Year Baba
Deepak Bhalla:

Jai Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai !!


Shirdi Sai Baba is the greatest of all saints ever to be seen till the world ends. There will be never one more like him.

Shilpa: Love u Baba,ur always there for me.
Neeraj: I have left everything on Baba and life has become stressless for me. As per his words what to worry when we own
nothing. Its all His and He gives to us. Jai Sai Ram Jai Sai Shyam

Baba always Around you, So Dont worry at all, Just Enjoy all Moment with Baba

Dhanesh: om sai shree sai jai jai sai
Shirdi Saibaba I am very very lucky that you came in my life.You have always protected me and helped me in all the situations.Whenever i faced any problems you have helped me out of it for me and my family.Sai i am coming to shirdi next month.
Meenakshi: Baba is the one who guides me and protects me every moment
KVN Reddy: Any time, Any Where, Any Situation i close my eyes and chant baba for some seconds...I can see Baba is with me where I can see some extra ordinary power within myself.
Manish: Baba always with me....
Renuka: Baba you are my best friend :)