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It's 100 years since the Mahasamadhi of Great Soul worshipped by millions as an incarnation of Lord Sri Datta-Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi.  An ordinary fakir in appearance, He showered His grace and awakened spirituality in the lives of many.  This rare Soul did not belong to some remote past.  Many who have seen Him, heard His blessed utterances are still alive.  Sai was not a religious teacher.  Nor was His action confined to mere discoursing. 

He urged everyone to search and find the Divinity within themselve, led the nation on the path of devotion that goes beyond religious differences, and become a force of spiritual re-generation to the society.  " If you give food to the hungry, and a place to rest for the needy God's grace will always be upon you,"- this was His constant instruction to all.  Even after several decades His Holy feet continue to give succour to all those who seek refuge in them.

Shirdi is a small village in Kopergaon district of Maharashtra, about 8Km from the river Godavari. The very soil of this village has become sanctified by the contact with Sai's Feet for 80 years. Today the streets of Shirdi are filled with the sounds of His name and grateful remembrance of His ways with His devotees.

People from various regions,fortunate and the distressed, the poor and the rich, those who seek freedom from the misery of ignorance or poverty, Hindus and Muslims, saints and sanyasis, all flock to this pilgrim-home. In the eyes of Sai all the differences of religions, caste, language and community fade away.

Sai Baba's mission was different. His is the religion of tomorrow, if mankind has a future. If it has no future, Sai baba is the only possible way of ensuring it.

Baba encouraged everyone to follow his own way and helped everyone to get out of pitfalls which encountered him.

All bow to Him alike and in their heart of hearts appeal to Him, " You are my Mother, My Father, My Beloved, My Knowledge, You are all that I have, O SAI!!
"Whatever you do, wherever you may be, ever bear this in mind that I am always aware of everything"
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