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The group is created by Ashok Gupta for hosting the experiences of Mrs. Veena Gupta about the Leelas of Baba and HIS Photos and other material related to Shirdi Sai Baba. Group recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani is held every Thursday from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi. Members are included in the recitation of this group recitation on Thursdays (in absencia also). The List of devotees who recited or read Sri Sai Amrit Vani at their place in absencia, any time, on Thursday is circulated in a weekly letter.

There is strong feeling of presence of Baba at that time. You can download the scripts of Sri Sai Amrit Vani in Devangiri (Hindi), English, Telugu and Tamil.

Yahoo Group Address - mysaibaba20@yahoogroups.com

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Links to Audio of Sri Sai Amrit Vani are available in the Link Section. Photo Section contains about 400 photos related to Baba in many albums. Members are requested NOT TO PUT ANY MATERIAL ON THIS SITE, NOT RELATED TO SHIRDI SAI BABA.
FOR VIDEO CLIPS and Bhajans in MP3, You may also VISIT YAHOO GROUP mysaibaba21 and mysaibaba22.

Clips and Bhajans are in the file sections of the groups.
Very Very Special thanks to Ashok ji and Veena ji for making Sri Sai Amrit Vani available to all Sai bhaktas.
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About Sai Amrit Vani
 Jai Sai Ram

Sri Sai Amrit Vani an interesting, spiritual, simple yet very powerful and meaningful literature in lyrics form and which we have adopted in our life. It has been composed by Sh. V K Bassi, who is managing the activities of Sri Ram Bhakt Society at Shivalik, Delhi, The material has mostly been taken from Sai Geeta, Sri Saicharitra and Sri Ram Amrit Vani. In the book form, it was first printed around 1997. It has been sung by Sh. Jagdish Kalra and recorded on a 60 minutes cassette and hence it is a complete one hour program in Hindi. The cassette is 30 minutes on each side. It has been converted to MP3 files from the Audio cassette into two files. These files are of 30 MB each are available in Hindi , English, Tamil and Telugu.

The program has few parts. (i) Sai Amrit Vani (ii) Bhajans (iii) Pads (iv) Prayers (v) Vandna and the (vi) Aartee. There is no specific time to do Sri Sai Amrit Vani,. It can be done at any time of the day at any place, But one should be clean and place should also be clean. When it is done in the mandir before Baba then one should clean oneself and put some Bhog before Baba. We all recite Sri Sai Amrit Vani together along with the cassette. Few devotees are distributing these CDs, Cassettes and the books of Sri Sai Amrit Vani isfree of cost to needy devotees, who does not want to purchase them.

There is no particular time to do it or to recite it, It can be recited on any day, But Thursday is a important day. And it is better if it is done in the group and we found 11AM to 12 PM is the best day time. Groups are formed at different places. Where ever the time difference is much, we advise them to follow the local timings, As we feel that Baba can even be present at different places at the same time, so there is no barrier of time and place for Baba. Where ever we have gone, we have recited it at 11 AM Local Time, We have followed local time even in Singapore, Malaysia, Atlanta, California, Toronto and so on.

Every Thursday Recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani is held at Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi, but we have slightly changed the order. Instead of the general Aartee in between, we do the full Noon (Madhyan) Aartee, the same as being done in Shirdi after the Sri Sai Amrit Vani. It is followed by group prayer and a chapter from Sai Satcharitra is read by Mrs Gupta. It starts exactly at 11:05 AM and goes upto 12. Noon (Madhyan) Aartee is performed exactly at 12:00 and reading from Sai Satcharitra after the Aartee. It goes upto 12:30 or so.

During this Sri Sai Amrit Vani, and Parayan of Sai Satcharitra, Prayer and Aartee Mrs. Gupta's lap is filled by Udi. Even other devotees feel the presence of Baba in different forms and have many different experiences. Every Thursday and some important days and festivals Udi starts oozing and dropping from the Statues and the photos of Baba (Shirdi). Some times even Honey oozes and drops from the photo/Statue of Baba (Shirdi) on the wall. On Thursdays Udi from the Photos and Statues of Baba (Shirdi) starts oozing from the morning itself. Now the holy water is also oozing from the Charans of Baba, which we collect by placing the Charans in the Thali.

Baba's Leelas at Veena Didi's house

Photos sent by Jk (Jayant) of London of their 2nd visit to Sidhartha Extension.
OM SRI SAI RAM, Jai Bolo Shri Sai Nath Maharaji Ki!!

Divine Revelations, Most respected Bade Bhaisaahib, and extra-ordinarily saturated, with SAI BABA'S LIVING DIVINITY, meri Bahut Hi Aadharniye, Pujaye, Badi Didi Veenaji, known now TO All as DEVI SAI MAA, Maata Ki, Karoona Ki Bemisaal Anokhi Personality, "DIVIA AATHMA"..How can these precious sacred holiest and so fortunate blessed moments spent in your divine presence atyour most spiritually charged powerful PALACE OF SAI BABA'S DIVINE OMNIPRESENCE be described by mere limited words?

Yes, Once again me (Jayant (JK) of London)and my Team, were miraclously were back at Siddarth Extention after only a few days. Isn't this amazing, miracle, when we had no prior plans. We were in Shirdi a few days earlier, and missed your Divinely divinely Mandir. Many Miracles have been happenning both in Shirdi and at your Heavenly Darbar. I am personally so fortunate to have been Blessed by SAI BABA's leelas, as is so evident from my visit this Thursday accompained by sister Anju Tandon editor of Shri Sai Sumiran Times and Dr. Priya from Mumbai.

Yes a Golden Pratibha (Statue) of of BABA, presented to me by the Trustees of Haridwar Ke Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, unexpectedly was brought and kept in the Inner Mandir by Veena Didiji, and instantly, immediately BABA, Blessed Himself, in that Pratibha with showers of UDI, in abundance, and other people with me too had their things, articles and items Blessed similarly , with instand shower of lots of udi esp the latest May edition of Shri Sai Sumiran Times, copy just arrived from the printers,that same morning. I am attaching few pictures taken during that rare encounter with Divine Omnipresence of SAI BABA

.Oh SAI BABA Hum Dhaniya Ho Gaye Aap Ke Kripa Se, Saaada BABA aapne Hi Bhulaaya Hai Hame, Chale AAye Hum Sab..Every one was so Blessed to be there. Anju Tandon had Udi appear showers full on her shoulders along with Veena Didiji, who addressed me as only J.K Bhaiya, so tenderly ans smoothly sweet of her, I was very touched by her dear dear loving warmth and glow of her comapassion and generocity of extended loving welcome to stay and enjoy her describing SAI BABA's Fantastic Leelas she had in her early days.

I shall try to make up to her LOVE, so fondly shared by us all, and speacially her concern to help and support from her own heart and hands the gift of Charity that Anju Tandon had started that day, the Sai Sumiran Trust. She (Sai Devi Maa)offered and presented an unexpected surprise gift of thousands of Rupees for this noble seva, to the handicaped young children with disabilities to Sai Sumiran Trust. On our last visit here, Veena Didiji's Golden Heart was ever glowing when she gave thousands unasked, beyond imagination, of rupees to a Cancer Charity, and to Shri SAI SAGAR SEVA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION of USA, and she did emphasis that this money would grown thousands times more soon..!!

This is the REAL SAI LEELAS of this D..DELHI DWARKAMAYEE OF SIDDHART EXT. where eager individuals groups await to crowd inside to become recipent of SAI MIRACLES..of LOVE, MERY AND COMPASSION etc..

For those who have doubts, or even have never believed in GOD, or His existence, well the message is clear, Go Now, do not wait long, become ready and make your way to The Beautiful attracting Divine Revelations Sai leela wish fullfilling Kalpathru, in Delhi at Shiddarth Ext, A PALACE OF UNENDING JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE, where SAI BABA is ALIVE even to-day!!


J.K Bhaiya - www.jkguruji.com

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Measurement For Vastra For SHIRDI SAI BABA
For SAI BABA SAMADHI - 3 metres cloth in length and 46" in breadth.

For SAI BABA IDOL - 3 metres cloth in length and 46" in breadth

(HEAD GEAR) -1.5 metres
(Saffron or Orange preferably)

(AROUND NECK) - 2 metres

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