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Sai Devotees Corner
To showcase your poems, drawings and experiences with Shirdi Saibaba, kindly mail them at : support@saisharan.info

Dear Beloved Devotees

As you are aware that the fame and glory of SHRI SAI BABA of Shirdi has spread all over the globe with millions of devotees experiencing HIS blessings even now after more than 92 years of HIS MAHASAMADHI, I was inspired by our SAINATH to write a condensed version of SHRI SAI SATCHARITA in ENGLISH for the benefit of all readers.

With HIS blessings, I have summarised the SHRI SAI SATCHARITA for easy reading by devotees. This reading as we know is a short parayan of a chapter each daily, which will be spread over 51 days.

As no rituals are needed but just to read a chapter daily in the Net as e mailed, devotees will derive immense benefit.

Ruchira Padia
Smiling, Baba Beyond
I AM A SAI DEVOTEE.. Smiling !!

Satheeshiyer - http://satheeshiyer.wordpress.com
I am not born for lesser things.
I cannot compare myself with anyone else.
My life is mine. My Swami is mine.
I am a Sai devotee.
Passing joys do not titillate me.
Waning shadows do not amuse me.
Fading bodies, flickering minds do not entice me.
I am not here for lesser pleasures.
I am a Sai devotee.
I am not here for composing an incomplete poem,
Not for executing an unaccomplished mission.
I want it in full – the bliss.
I am going to finish it – once and for all.
Nothing can pull me to get off my train
At an intermediate station.
I am a Sai devotee. I am here to give, not to take.
I am here to forgive, not to avenge.
I am here to console, not to complain.
I am a Sai devotee.