Realize that Baba is Unique

Man has to make the best use of available time. We should always try to focus our mind on God. Even though we are busily engaged in selfless service, our minds should always think of God. We should not stop remembering God simply because we are engaged in social service.

Slowly, the egoistic feeling that 'I' am doing work' will dominate the mind. It causes us to forget God who made us as His instruments to accomplish His great purpose. When ego gets bloated, we may lose the spirit of spirituality in our service.

Deprived of the spirit of service, we may get alienated from God. In whatever work we are engaged in, we must always chant Baba's name and remember that Baba pervades in all beings and everywhere. To serve all is to serve Sai, the Omnipresent One.The devotion to God should not be like the dress we change everyday but should become the breath of our lives. 'Before you get to work, offer it to me'.... these words of Baba have to be kept in mind. If we can constantly chant His name while engaged in work, Baba will make it successful and Himself decides the due returns for it. It is Baba who does and gets the work done through us. Even the receiver and the active force of help is Baba alone.

In our spiritual practice, we must bear in mind the truth that Sai is the Prime Mover of our lives.