Ignoring God is Real Suffering

Pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow are part and parcel of human life. It is but natural for humans to feel depressed in sufferings and elated in pleasures. But it so happens that joys are forgotten and hardships remembered. However, neither phase is permanent. In troubled times, people remember God and make many religious vows for fulfillment of their desires.

But when the troubles are overcome, we see people enjoy worldly pleasures and live a life without prayers or devotion to God. Thus, Kunthi, pleaded Lord Krishna to always give her hardships so that she could always remember Him. Kuchela, the class-mate of Lord Krishna, thought that the Lord made him endure hardships in order to bless him enjoy prosperity later.We suffer when we get hurt, fall sick, lose property, loved ones desert us or things do not happen as planned etc. We can face sufferings with our tough minds. Many people do not know what a suffering is.

In fact, the gravest and biggest trouble to human beings is ignoring the Ever-Loving and Ever-Helping God. As long as man meditates and worships God, he would live in happiness. But, forgetting God or neglecting prayers is sin. When we block the flow of God's grace, what remains is void. As God's grace rains on us, all misery we experience would simply melt away like ice.