You Alone can Shape My Spiritual Path Firmly

Baba! With obedience, I offer the flower of my heart to You. Do keep showering the grace of Your abundant compassion on me. The only gift I could offer is the faith I have in You. Please make use of me as a tool in your cosmic play. Protect me always and see that I move care-free under Your control. I pray to You, with total devotion, to bless me do my duties with noble thoughts and in true spirit. It is sufficient if the responsibilities entrusted to me are good and capable of being shouldered by me.

You are the Supreme Bliss that can lead me ever from behind. You are the very elan vital of my life. You, the Supreme Soul, do grant me the pleasure of following You and relieve me from all weariness and sluggishness of bearing burdens. Please do take care of me and help me to constantly purify my life, so as to become worthy of staying at Your feet. I want to dwell in the state of Ever-New Joy, divinely assured am I of Your perfect protection in every hour of my life.

I solicit Your help to get my heart tied to Your Absolute Reality. Won't you make the complete set of my thoughts into a garland of flowers crept around You! Won't you make me get ready to be a chariot driven by You-the Cosmic Charioteer of my life. Baba! I would like to be the creeper of light embracing You, if You fill my heart with Your divine, serene peace. You alone can shape my spiritual destiny.