Our Body is a Means for Attaining Salvation

The wonderful power of human beings lies in their knowledge. Man realizes God by the power of Self-knowledge. For this reason, even gods are jealous of the human birth. They too wish to take human birth and attain liberation. Man, who is blessed with the precious human life, should be ever-watchful and make the most of every hour of his life. Knowing that time once lost cannot be regained, one should shun laziness and dullness and set himself to make his life worthier.

One must resolve not to eat much, or sleep long hours or wallow in pleasures and instead eat less and sleep less and abide by Baba's words of prudence and guidance.Even though we possess abundant wealth, we should do all our works on our own and never depend on others. However, if we pamper the body and accustom it to luxuries and pleasures, life becomes futile. But, the body should neither be neglected nor loved too much. We must just take as much care of the body as a horse-rider takes care of his horse till the destination is reached. We should ensure that the body is cared for as a befitting instrument for Self-liberation. Indeed, it is a great boon to beget human birth. And we are doubly fortunate to have the opportunity of getting self-liberated by serving and adoring the Feet of Sainath.