Religion of Saibaba

God is the Creator, the Formless and the Supreme One. But humans have split themselves into different communities on the basis of country, language, tradition, doctrine etc. They gave distinct names to God, raised temples and offer different forms of worship. God incarnated as Baba on the earth to unite people irrespective of their race and religion into universal brotherhood.

Mhalsapathy, the priest of the Khandoba Temple at Shirdi, at first, refused the entry of Baba, suspecting Him to be a Muslim for the Kafni and the head-gear He wore. One can observe the holes in Sai's ear-lobes meant for ear-rings. He lived in the Masjid, but planted a sacred Tulasi plant at a corner. He also lit "Dhuni" as part of the ritual of fire worship. Mhalsapathy dreamt of worshipping Baba with sandal paste. From that day onwards, he used to apply sandal to Baba's forehead and did worship. When Muslims came to offer sacrifices, Baba used to recite the Holy Koran with them.

Likewise, He approved of celebrating Ramnavami and Kala Hundi of both Hindus and Muslims along with the celebration of sandal festival. Shirdi wore a festive look with flags fluttering on the Masjid, palanquin, horses, the royal umbrella, whisk fans, musical instruments and so on. Baba, thus, opened our eyes, by His deeds, to impart a sense of brotherhood and religious unity.