Self-Surrender, a Path to Realize Divine Love

Love, coupled with obedience, is the first step towards spirituality. Obedience, love andsurrender are all inter-related. Offering ourselves in absolute surrender to Baba is the summit of our faith in Him. We deserve the Divine Grace when we express our faith and obedience to God. Only upon cultivating these two qualities, one can reach the first step of attaining self-liberation.

We have to totally surrender ourselves and plead Baba to bless us with a strong will and power to reach the first step. In Baba's words, complete surrender is an act of shedding the ego "I", which might be lurking in some corner of our heart. Only then, our heart gets purified like a flower cleansed in dew drops. Offering such a purified heart is like surrendering our body, mind and soul to Baba.

Then, we are bound to receive His blessings of Love and Ever-New Joy. Just as a sand particle sparkles in the sunshine, so does the Power of Baba drench us and make our lives radiant. Eternal Bliss blossoms in us. By surrendering single-mindedly to Baba, we can experience ever-new divine bliss. This state can be attained only when we pray to Baba in total self-effacement. Those devotees who self-surrender themselves to Baba have no trace of their identity. They are one with Baba. By absolute self-surrender, let us worship Baba to make our lives worthier.