Helping the Needy makes a Meaningful Life

Some of the saintly people seen in the present day world were just ordinary people once. The present day sages, like common people, were ordinary human beings once. They gladly go out with a happy heart and a sense of duty, and help and serve the needy wherever and whenever they are called upon. They are readily available to reach out to the helpless at any time and lend their helping hand willingly. These good Samaritans move about in such a manner that even the beneficiaries are unaware of their presence amongst them.

But there are some people who are always engrossed in selfish pursuits and do not find time to spare for others.

When we believe that God dwells in all, we will come to know the dire needs of people and would happily help them. God will appreciate and bless such good people by infusing sufficient energy into them to undertake even major projects of human welfare. This should be treated as a boon and we should spare our time, money, talents in the selfless service of others' welfare.

Of what use one's wealth hoarded and one's talents not put to better the lives of others?

Wealth hoarded and talents untapped are a sheer waste. Baba, the Ocean of Love, dwells in the hearts of those that move around and serve the needy wherever they are and makes their lives worthier.