Fund of Knowledge gets Enhanced when Shared

All physical wealth will gradually get exhausted as we spend it more and more. Even a mountain of treasure will get reduced to nothingness if it is used more. But the wealth of knowledge never gets diminished. It spreads light like a lamp and will not become dim. On lighting another lamp, the light of the first lamp will not diminish. Likewise, by sharing our knowledge with others, it will not get reduced; but, in turn, it benefits the receiver.

Knowledge multiplies when it is shared with others
. Just as regular practice will culture the voice of a singer to make it sweeter, so also the fresh waters in a well will spring out more water as we use it; likewise, teaching others will enrich our fund of knowledge. To teach is to share it twice. While teaching, new meanings and interpretations will surface, which were not noticed earlier. On each occasion of spirited teaching, the teacher becomes the taught and learns something more. Hence, sharing our knowledge will do good to us. If we share with others the knowledge we acquired from great teachers, we will be repaying our intellectual debt to our teachers.

Let us follow and preach the great sayings of our God-Guru Sri Shirdi Sai Baba to everyone and become worthy of enjoying His divine blessings.