Harshness is even Justified at Times
If we always remember Sai, we cannot behave harshly, since our hearts would be filled with the soft qualities like mercy, love and tolerance. Then, how could we survive in this deceptive world? Our superiors and peers may take a lenient view. Sometimes we may not be able to run the family in a right direction. We should be soft-hearted; but, if need arises, harshness should be made an option.

A mystic preached a snake-turned-yogi to be gentle. When the snake was harshly treated by people, the yogi chided the snake and spoke to it as, "I asked you not to bite anyone; but did I ask you not to hiss?" He wanted the snake to pose angry looks. Sometimes a mother, father or teacher might chide a child and their anger is not a mark of hatred, but is only meant for the welfare of the child. Although it appears harsh outside, it is love inside. A master might reprimand the servant, which is not with hate or vengeance. The master's intention is to improve his skill and make him progress in his career.

At times, Baba looked angry but then He declared that He would never get angry with His children. It means, the anger is not on His devotees but only on the adverse conditions. With His one shout, sufferings, diseases and problems of His devotees took to heels. The Merciful Baba delights in protecting His devotees.