Only God-Guru's Feet can still our Minds

The sensual pleasures, though appear to be heavenly, are in fact, the pits of hell. "If the mind moves towards carnal desires, you draw it back and offer it to Me", so says Baba. If the physical desires are offered at the lotus feet of the Sadguru, the desires will perish on their own. When the mind is aware that the Guru is always beside, it will not behave as it wills.

Whenever the physical desires arise, the thought that 'Baba is beside me' will weaken that desire. The practitioner will become ever-vigilant. Then he will attempt to restrain his desires.On seeking shelter at the feet of the God-Guru, on one hand, wisdom blossoms; while on the other, love for the body decreases. Then, one attempts to abide by the words of the Guru. He will treat the problems as tests and offer them at the feet of the Guru. He will never challenge or question 'Maya' or the illusion, but remains a silent spectator. He will trust in Baba with complete faith. A matured devotee will understand the absolute truth that acquiring devotion, wisdom and relinquishing desires are very important. He will realize that the Guru and God are one and therefore renders service to the Guru. Despite, leading a mundane life, he will continue to pray to Baba in his mind.

Ultimately, he accepts the truth that it is only at the feet of Sadguru like Sai that one's mind rests.