Let us Start the Day with a Message of Sai

God gives us His messages of love and hope briefly, clearly and in simple words. Devotion wells up in one's heart when one meditates on God or dwells in the company of the Perfect Master. What one gets from the teachings of a Sadguru is self-liberation. Therefore, we should endeavour to listen to Guru's words of wisdom with sincerity. If we obey the commands of God in quiet confidence, our sufferings will end soon.

A soldier will fight fearlessly to accomplish his task. Likewise if we execute our commitments faithfully, divine blessings are assured to us. Baba's teachings are not profound but are brief, easy to understand and put them into practice. Baba will reveal us the right solution to our problems if we seek His help in full faith. He will never disappoint us.

This fact is also quoted in Baba's eleven sayings. The blessings so received and answers obtained will be very beneficial and satisfactory. The messages received every day, from Baba, on almost all aspects are ever fresh to make our lives happier and richer. The Sun God radiates knowledge. He fills the entire nature with His rays and makes it lively with light. So does Baba fills the hearts of the devotees with the light of His words of wisdom. Let us listen to the gospel of Sai, and, in turn, follow and propagate it and thereby make our lives worthier.