Your Good conduct inspires others to follow You

If we hold good thoughts and live in upright conduct, people around us get attracted by our magnetic personality. They, in turn, try to emulate us and apply such human values in their lives too. When we have fervent faith in Sai and His name becomes synonymous for peace, trust and patience, people around us get inspired and they reciprocate in similar manner. Right conduct should be our ideal. We need to speak on good subjects. The words we speak must be encouraging, affectionate, sincere and able to fill the hearts of others with joy. Sweet words and soul-endearing smiles create an atmosphere of delight.

Everyone has the ability to change the conduct of others. But, we need to ensure that what we preach is similar to our practice.A person who spreads love alone can make others walk on his path. Our words charged with love will stream into others. Love flows from heart to heart. The way we behave intimately and friendly and speak sweetly will attract others. When we put into practice upright conduct and tread the right path, Baba will bless and ensure that others too follow us.

This is the Love Philosophy of Baba. When we follow the noble teachings which Baba Himself preached and practised, the source of His Divine Love-Power illumines our lives, ensuring serenity, felicity and even turning others to tread the path.