The Chanting of Baba's Name Alone Rids us of Our Mental Tensions

God created illusion (Maya) before the advent of mankind. If we surrender to that "Maya" and keep pointing our own and others mistakes, fears and doubts surround us. By this, we slowly lose self-confidence and degenerate into persons of cowardice. Even the great sages have been overpowered by the power of illusion. Baba explained that, yielding to the sound, touch, image and odour is only due to Maya's influence. Baba maintained that when He Himself is subjected to Maya's play, how it would be possible for commoners to escape from it. As long as humans are swayed by Maya, keeping away from God they are caught up in the Karmic cage of birth-death-rebirth.

Mind gets tired under the pressure of stress and strain. It feels exhausted out of despair and frustration. It boils with the heat of desires. It is further tormented with anxieties and craves for new taste, smell and touch. There is a wonderful means of controlling the mind. That is the fervent chanting of God's name. Baba showed us several methods of reaching Him. By following the path of devotion sincerely and conducting Bhajans, prayer or chanting of Baba's name, one can break the spell of Maya. The touch of Baba's love relaxes all tensions. It finally makes us bathe in the sea of serenity of Sai's love and His teachings.