Delayed Grace of Baba - A Blessing in Disguise

Baba will certainly answer our prayers. Baba may not respond to our every prayer at once. To some prayers He may say 'yes', to some others 'no', and to some 'wait'. Whether our prayers are answered or delayed depends on several factors such as our worthiness, state of mind, degree of our suffering and how far our desires are legitimate and practicable.

Our prayer-seed takes time to yield the fruit of God's Grace, just as it takes time for the seed sown to sprout, put out buds and survive as a plant. Baba is aware as to when and how He should respond to our prayers and shower His Grace on us. If Baba has not answered our prayer, it means that, He is testing our faith and patience and is keen to take us much closer to Him. The delay in answering our prayers is not His denial. Damu Anna wanted to do cotton trade in partnership with others. He wrote a letter to Baba, seeking His permission. Without even opening it, Baba said 'no' to Damu Anna's decision.

Although Damu Anna felt displeased then, he learnt how benevolent Baba was when other traders incurred great loss. As such, we should not get disappointed that Baba did not answer our prayer, but continue to worship Him with firm faith and love. Even if Baba did not shower instant blessings on us, we need to wait with solid faith and patience for His Grace.