The believers of Baba are blessed with bliss
God is the embodiment of love. Even the ever-glowing spirit of light in the hearts of people is a spark of the Divine Spirit. Therefore, people with unique love for God and strong determination will serve the entire multitude of species with love.

Baba takes care of every need of those who serve the society as a manifestation of Sai.

Not merely fulfilling our desires but keeping an eye on our future, Baba will offer whatever help we need. We have to serve Baba with love, devotion and obedience, but not pretend devotion for selfish gains.Baba is Omnipresent. He can read our minds even before we could speak. Thus, He forbade many pseudo-devotees from climbing the Masjid steps.
But devotees with pure heart and love were rescued by Baba even though they were far away.

The moment we whole-heartedly cry, 'Baba! You are my everything', that very moment we are enlisted into His family.

Then,our family will be secure and peaceful behind the protective shield of Baba. Even such of the families that render service to Baba's devotees with faith in Him are not only put on the right path but their responsibilities are shouldered by Baba. He will even groom their children grow into good citizens. Their families will prosper and live in ever-new joy.

If we worship Baba with firm faith and love, He will always protect our families.