We Need to Work in the Sphere of our Ability

The power of humans is limited. Divine power is unlimited. Baba used to say 'One need to work according to one's own ability'. In fact, working as per our ability is linked with our faith and sincerity. Performing the entrusted work of Baba to the best of our ability is very dear to Him. The meaning of the word 'to the best of our ability' is to fully utilize our energy and efficiency.

At times, it is but natural to get trapped in an illusion and think that we worked to our capacity, though a very little was actually done. It so happens because of our ignorance and pride. For a while, we forget Baba and His omniscient power. By this, insincerity or duplicity raises its ugly head and makes us commit several mistakes. When we know that Baba is aware of all our actions, we would never repeat such mistakes.By our dishonest behaviour, even our previous works would be treated as worthless. God would not forgive us if we go on repeating the acts of sin thinking that the All-Merciful God would pardon us whatever sin we might commit.

On the other hand, if we follow Baba's teachings, our efforts would bear fruits of enduring peace and joy. We would deem the human life as a great opportunity given by Baba to make the most of it. One has to grasp the meaning of Baba's saying "One need to work only within one's ability". Baba is the real Doer.